Доска для серфинга Ferrari Surf Board Scuderia Spider

Для спорта
Surf board 7'2'' customized with a Ferrari 16 M Scuderia Spider graphic design. Customized bag with shoulder strap and carbon fibre covered fins are included. It is an all-round board, also for beginners. It is made of poliurethan, with glass fibre and resin. The verticle line along the board is the wooden stinger (the backbone of the surfboard), which characterizes a handshaped surfboard and is synonymous with quality and precision. Limited edition of 499 pieces, like the GT car.
  • # 270012578
  • Производитель: ferrari
  • Страна:
Все аксессуары и запчасти являются оригинальными (branded). В цену не входит доставка и их установка. Вы просматриваете 'Доска для серфинга Ferrari Surf Board Scuderia Spider'.
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