Детская коляска Ferrari Beebop baby buggy

Детская коллекция
The BeeBop baby buggy, in elegant red and black, featuring the presence of the Ferrari logo and the classic Cavallino Rampante shield, stands out for its user-friendliness, besides for the child comfort, thanks to a series of unique features which are defined when designing the product. The baby buggy, which is entirely horizontally foldable, exhibits a reversible big handle, adjustable in height, removable castors, a bumping system on the front castors, besides inflatable back castors. The hammock can be reclined while the footrest is adjustable. For newborn children, the BeeBop baby buggy is fitted with a depth reducing cradle. Belts should be centrally adjusted Technical information Baggy belt: belts with 5 fitting points Baggy standard: EN1888 / Group 0+: ECE R44/04 + XPS54-046 XPS54-040 Accessories: delivered with shuttle, canopy, object bag Accessories Group 0+: canopy, depth reducer, belt and buckle protection Side bump protection FEATURES - Group: 0+ (0-13 kg ; from the birth to 6-7 months) - Lateral protection system - Reducer kit for newborn - Washable and removable linen - Possibility to be fitted to the Beebop baby buggy and be changed into a Travel System TECHNICAL FEATURES - Certification ECE R44/04 - Fitting to the car through three fitting points - Position on the car: reverse gear - Do not use on the front seat if the airbag is on - Weights: 2,97 kg - Sizes: 44 cm width x 69 cm depth x 56 cm height - Body material: PP - Linen and reducer: polyester + sponge
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  • Производитель: ferrari
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