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Ferrari I-Max SP baby seat made by Team Tex is for children from 12 months to 8-9 years old. While the mono-block structure can hold children up to 36kg, and its red and black colour combination is reminiscent of a Maranello car seat, the I-Max SP baby seat comes with a two-position reclining elevation, adjustable head rest with side protection system and integrated belt guide, reclining armrests, and a 5 point belt for eventual use in combination. Approval: ECE R44/04 3 point belt for car hook up Weight: 4.7 kg Dimensions: 49x50x68-81cm Frame material: PEHD Polyester and foam rubber lining in can be removed for cleaning We would like to remind you that the baby car seats for sale at the Ferrari Store are not specifically designed for Ferrari cars. These seats correspond to validated standards in terms of safety and can therefore be installed in any make of automobile, as long as the validation directions for installation supplied by each maker are respected.
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